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About Us

At Evolv, we provide a secure and seamless screening experience, making it possible for venues of all kinds to keep visitors safe from concealed weapons, public health threats and intruders. Founded in 2013, we are a mission-driven company headquartered and manufactured in the United States with a proven track record in screening people for threats without sacrificing the visitor experience. People screening that’s intelligent, low-profile and highly accurate — that’s what we do.

Our Mission

We transform security to enhance everyone’s life. We strive to create a safer world for people to live, work, learn, and play.

Our Platform

Evolv’s weapons detection system is built on the Evolv Cortex AI® software platform enhancing safety without sacrificing experience.

We are Evolv

Evolv Technology is a human security company.

We were founded with a vision to keep people safe where they gather. We’ve assembled leaders in physics, engineering, security, intelligence, and operations to build technology that makes the world a safer place.

We’re committed to constant innovation and come to work every day driven by a deep sense of our combined purpose to help create safer zones around the globe.

We believe that people deserve to be safe.

It’s their right. It’s our purpose.

Our Vision for a Safer World

At Evolv, we believe that safety is a basic human right.

However, we live in a world where our safety cannot always be ensured. The threat landscape has dramatically shifted, and so has the way in which we live our lives. There is a pressing need to keep public spaces safe.

Today, we move through life expecting a touchless, frictionless experience. We carry technology with us daily that supports modern living. And still, we are hindered by an outdated standard of physical security created in a different era.

Evolv understands that there needs to be a better way. Through a combination of powerful sensor technology, proven AI, and comprehensive insights, Evolv is transforming the way in which people move through life. We can now screen for threats at an unparalleled ease and speed with digital insights that continually improve a security posture.

We envision a world where safety is the default. A world where experiences are optimized. A world where peace of mind replaces fear and making memories replaces anxiety. Evolv is committed to that vision.

How We Work

Evolv transforms human security to make a safer, faster, and better experience for all. Using industry leading artificial intelligence (AI)-powered weapons detection and analytics, we are partnering with customers to create safer spaces for people to gather around the globe..

We work closely with customers and prospects from the moment of contact through the lifetime of our partnership. From education and training to deployment and service of our systems, Evolv is dedicated to helping security professionals make the best decisions to secure their venues for today’s threat landscape and that of the future, so that we can all make the world a safer place.

Founders Story

Watch Evolv Co-founders Mike Ellenbogen and Anil Chitkara along with Director Danny Mulligan from Lincoln Center, tell the story of our first customer.

Meet Our Executives

Chief Executive Officer

Peter George

Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

Mike Ellenbogen

Founder, Chief Growth Officer

Anil Chitkara

Mark Donohue headshot
Chief Financial Officer

Mark Donohue

General Counsel

Eric Pyenson

Chief Scientist

Alec Rose

Chief Marketing Officer

Dana Loof

Chief Revenue Officer

A.J. DeRosa

Nancy Milhous - Bio Photo
Chief Accounting Officer & Corporate Controller

Nancy Milhous

Head of People

Liza Knapp

Deputy General Counsel

Rachel Roy

Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations

Brian Norris

Vice President and Head of Education

Neil Sandhoff

Vice President, Healthcare

Jason Grellner

Vice President, Engineering

Owais Hassan

Vice President, Product Management

Steve Morandi

Vice President, Professional Sports

John Baier

Vice President of Customer Success

Betsy Fallon

Vice President of Technical Sales and Solutions

Richard Abraham

Alexandra Smith Ozerkis Bio Photo
Vice President of Communications

Alexandra Smith Ozerkis

Vice President of Cybersecurity and IT

Peter Vittands

Evolv Technology Reports Record Fourth Quarter and Full Year Financial Results

“We’re pleased to be reporting strong fourth quarter results which capped a historic year of accelerated growth for the Company,” said Peter George, President and Chief Executive Officer of Evolv Technology. “Our results were highlighted by the addition of over 100 new customers in the fourth quarter including the Buffalo School District, the Duval County Schools, the Stony Brook University Hospital, the Honolulu Museum of Art, the Ocean Casino Resort, the Seabreeze Amusement Park, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Houston Astros, and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Looking ahead, we believe we are well positioned to achieve our goal of doubling our Annual Recurring Revenue in 2023 and further extending our market leadership.”

Company Press Releases

Press Release

Evolv Technology Awarded U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Designation for Evolv Express®

This distinction qualifies Evolv Technology to receive the SAFETY Act’s benefits for selected Anti-Terrorism Technologies.

Press Release

Evolv Express® Receives Top Honor In Security Industry Association Awards

We received the Security Industry Association (SIA) New Products and Solutions (NPS) Award in the Law Enforcement/Public Safety/Guarding Systems category for Evolv Express®, its artificial intelligence (AI) based weapons detection system. The announcement was made earlier today at the International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC) West, the largest security industry trade show in the U.S.

Press Release

Evolv Technology Publicly Listed on the NASDAQ Under Symbol EVLV

NewHold Investment Corp. and Evolv Technologies, Inc, announced that we have completed our business combination. The common stock of the combined company is trading on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol “EVLV”, which begun on July 19, 2021.

Meet Our Board

Chairman of the Board | DCVC

Alan Cohen

Evolv Board Member, GiveEvolv Chairman, NHIC CEO

Kevin Charlton

Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

Mike Ellenbogen

Chief Executive Officer

Peter George


Neil Glat


Merline Saintil


Kimberly Sheehy


Mark Sullivan


Bilal Zuberi


John Kedzierski

Meet Our Advisors

Former DHS

Juliette Kayyem

Former CIA, NYPD

David Cohen

Former FBI, TSA

John Pistole

Former Commander, US SOCOM

General Tony Thomas

Former Director of National Intelligence

Senator Dan Coats

Co-Founder, Uber Elevate

Nikhil Goel

Former FBI, New York

Jin Kim