Our Mission: Safe Zones

Our mission is to make the world a safer place for people to gather. We take that very seriously and are privileged to work closely with our customers to help mitigate risk and keep the public safe using Evolv Express®.

1000Safe Zones
425MPeople Screened Worldwide
250Guns Removed Daily
1000Safe Zones

Prevent and Detect

Technology: Improve your security posture continuously through machine-learning and actionable insights.

Advance Operations

Process: From fit to deployment and ongoing ConOps, our security experts partner with you.

Empower Staff

People: From crowd flow to alert resolution and red teaming, our security experts are there to train.

Transforming the Way People Move Through Life

You have a right to be safe....where you work, where you learn, and where you play. Evolv has kept 425 million+ students, educators, nurses, concert goers, fans, worshippers, patrons of the arts and employees safe.

Introducing Evolv Express®

Traditional security screening was not designed for today's dynamic threats. Unlike metal detectors, manual bag checks, wanding, and other traditional solutions, Evolv Express® offers an innovative approach to physical security screening.

Evolv Express accelerates physical security screening while maintaining the highest degree of weapons detection accuracy. It eliminates the friction that visitors, fans, patrons, employees and students typically experience moving through security by screening them in a touchless manner. This helps reduce the security risk of crowded security lines. It also drastically reduces false alarm rates and human errors by security guards.

The Latest

Press Release

Winnebago Public Schools Finds Its Security Solution in Evolv Technology

We are happy to announce the successful partnership with Nebraska’s Winnebago Public Schools. Winnebago uses Evolv’s state-of-the-art Evolv Express® system to help create safer spaces for its elementary through high school students.

Press Release

SoFi Stadium and YouTube Theater Introduce AI-Based Security Screening by Evolv Technology

SoFi Stadium, YouTube Theater, and Evolv Technology, the leader in AI-based weapons detection security screening, entered into a multi-year partnership to bring safer, more accurate threat detection to the venues’ entries.

Press Release

Evolv Technology Launches Evolv Express® 3.0/5.0, Offering Industry-First Integration Capabilities with Open API and Advanced Digital Platform

We have announced the launch of the next evolution of its advanced AI-based software platform and capabilities with Evolv Express® 3.0/5.0. This is an important advancement in security screening as it now provides security professionals with the ability to implement open integration across most security technologies that venues use to mitigate threats.

Safety Act Designation

“We’re honored to receive the SAFETY Act Designation which we believe further supports the effectiveness of our technology, and ultimately, our ability to help keep people safe,” said Peter George, Evolv Technology President and CEO. “Not only does the DHS’s SAFETY Act Designation further validate our AI-based technology to the physical security market, but we believe it will also provide our customers and their visitors with increased assurance that Evolv helps to provide the safest possible venue entry, without the traditional metal detector experience.”

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Case Study

Gillette Stadium Delivers Game-Changing, Frictionless Security Ingress

Fans who attend NFL and MLS games and concerts at Gillette Stadium have high expectations, and the team at Gillette take the safety of their venue goers very seriously. For security screening, the team previously employed walkthrough magnetometers at its 10 public and 4 premium entrances (around 560 systems). But even with a large number of machines in use, lines would form in front of the entrances—forcing fans to wait 10 to 15 minutes to get into the stadium.

Case Study

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Trailblazes Next-generation Security Screening with Evolv Express®

Lincoln Center became our first customer and their feedback and patience were fundamental to the later development of the Evolv Express and where we are today as a company.

Case Study

Storied Amusement Park Elitch Gardens Delights Guests and Keeps Them Safe with the Evolv Express®

Lengthy lines would form in front of the entrance where the security team managed 10 walkthrough metal detectors. When ingress reached its peak, the wait to get through security was as long as an hour. After seeing the Evolv Express® at a different venue, the GM was excited at the possibility of implementing the technology at the park, and thus did so!

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Creating Peace of Mind for NFL Tailgaters

Evolv Express® systems are currently used by NFL, MLB and MLS franchises across the country, including by nine NFL teams.

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Q&A: A Former Police Officer and School Principal Offers Back-To-School Safety Advice

Speaking with Kevin Eberle, EdD, a former police officer that received FBI and Secret Service protection training and school supervisor for 27 years, we take a closer look at the school gun violence issue and what can be done to lower the risk.