Our Mission: Safer Zones

Our mission is to make the world a safer place for people to gather. We take that very seriously and are privileged to work closely with our customers to help mitigate risk and keep the public safe using Evolv Express®.

1000+Safer Zones
500M+People Screened Worldwide
1MPeople Screened Daily
176KWeapons Detected and Stopped in 2022

Prevent and Detect

Technology: Improve your security posture continuously through machine-learning and actionable insights.

Advance Operations

Process: From fit to deployment and ongoing ConOps, our security experts partner with you.

Empower Staff

People: From crowd flow to alert resolution and red teaming, our security experts are there to train.

Transforming the Way People Move Through Life

You have a right to be safe....where you work, where you learn, and where you play. Evolv has kept 500 million+ students, educators, nurses, concert goers, fans, worshippers, patrons of the arts and employees safe.

Introducing Evolv Express®

Traditional security screening was not designed for today's dynamic threats. Unlike metal detectors, manual bag checks, wanding, and other traditional solutions, Evolv Express® offers an innovative approach to physical security screening.

Evolv Express accelerates physical security screening while maintaining the highest degree of weapons detection accuracy. It eliminates the friction that visitors, fans, patrons, employees and students typically experience moving through security by screening them in a touchless manner. This helps reduce the security risk of crowded security lines. It also drastically reduces false alarm rates and human errors by security guards.

The Latest

Press Release

Evolv Technology Recognizes Milestone Year in Company’s History

We are now partnering with venues in 45 U.S. states as well as Puerto Rico, as security professionals from sports stadiums and theme parks to schools and hospitals integrate advanced weapons screening technology into their layers of safety planning. We more than doubled its customer base in 2022, working towards its mission of making the world a safer place for people to live, learn, work and play.

Press Release

St. Louis CITY SC Kicks Off With Evolv As Fan Screening Solution

St. Louis CITY SC has deployed Evolv’s state-of-the-art Evolv Express® screening solution at the entrances to its brand-new, 22,500-seat, next-generation stadium, CITYPARK. With Evolv, fans – whether they’re by themselves or part of a large group – experience an accelerated security screening through the CITYPARK gates without long delays for bag searches.

Press Release

Evolv Partners With Boston Red Sox To Create A Fan-Friendlier Fenway

“America’s Most Beloved Ballpark” will feature Evolv’s state-of-the-art Evolv Express® screening solution beginning on Opening Day, March 30, when the Red Sox host the Baltimore Orioles.

Safety Act Designation

“We’re honored to receive the SAFETY Act Designation which we believe further supports the effectiveness of our technology, and ultimately, our ability to help keep people safe,” said Peter George, Evolv Technology President and CEO. “Not only does the DHS’s SAFETY Act Designation further validate our AI-based technology to the physical security market, but we believe it will also provide our customers and their visitors with increased assurance that Evolv helps to provide the safest possible venue entry, without the traditional metal detector experience.”

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Case Study

James Island Charter High School is at the Head of the Class for Security Screening With the Help of Evolv

A leader in many ways, it ranks in the top 5% of high schools in South Carolina, and when it comes to the safety of students, administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and visitors, James Island also ranks at the top of the class. Read how they reduced security staff and soft targets along with optimizing student flow through data analysis from Evolv Insights®.

Case Study

FirstEnergy Stadium Doubles Down on "Fan Obsession" By Achieving One of the Fastest Ingress Experiences in the NFL

Ingress is a really important part of the game experience for fans—getting them into the stadium quickly and safely in a short amount of time,” says Brandon Covert, the VP of Information Technology at HSG. “Fans are at the forefront of our culture. We’re fan-obsessed when we look at the entire game experience. For security screening, we evaluated the Evolv Express against several metal detector technologies and really loved how fast and how safe fans got into the stadium.”


Weighing the Value of Evolv Express® System Integrations and Evolv Insights® for K-12 Schools

In response to school gun violence, many K-12 schools are looking at ways to bolster their security. Walkthrough and hand-held metal detectors are often cited as an option. But these legacy approaches to weapons screening are simply not a good fit for several reasons. In this whitepaper, we outline 8 ways to use security screening data from Evolv Insights® and Integrations to improve school safety.

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Recent Blogs

Blog Post

New Safety Protocols Cascade Niagara Falls City School District

Being late for school is one of the most common anxiety-inducing dreams experienced by people of all ages. You may have experienced it yourself: the feeling of running late and never being able to catch up with the rest of the class. What if that feeling was not a dream and, in fact, it is real because you’re a student that spends each morning waiting in line as part of the weapons screening process?

Blog Post

What Is Dignified Screening and Why Does It Matter: A Look at Schools

Backpacks and lunchboxes. Ballgowns and tuxedos. Foam fingers and rally caps. When we go to schools and events, we dress for the occasion and breathe the excitement in the air. We also want to feel safe, part of a community, and welcome – not singled out.

Blog Post

Evolv & Schools: What You Need to Know

Unless and until the epidemic of gun violence in schools begins to subside, schools will continue to look at better ways to keep their community safe so the focus can remain on education and the social and emotional wellness of students, faculty, and staff. As a result...