Weapons-Free Zones

Over 350 million people have passed through our AI-based weapons screening system. Removing 250 guns per day on average gives them peace of mind.

1000Weapons-Free Zones
350MPeople Screened Worldwide
250Guns Removed Daily
1000Weapons-Free Zones

Prevent and Detect

Technology: Improve your security posture continuously through machine-learning and actionable insights.

Advance Operations

Process: From fit to deployment and ongoing ConOps, our security experts partner with you.

Empower Staff

People: From crowd flow to alert resolution and red teaming, our security experts are there to train.

We will change the way you think about security.

Visitors want to move quickly through security checkpoints at a seamless pace, knowing they’re well-protected everywhere inside your venue—while your security teams want the assurance that they can reliably pinpoint and stop threats. This shouldn’t be a trade-off.

The Evolv weapons detection system combines powerful sensor technology with proven artificial intelligence (AI), security ecosystem integrations, and comprehensive venue analytics to ensure safer, more accurate threat detection at an unprecedented speed and volume.

Introducing Evolv Express®

Traditional security screening was not designed for today's dynamic threats. Unlike metal detectors, manual bag checks, wanding, and other traditional solutions, Evolv Express® offers an innovative approach to physical security screening.

Evolv Express accelerates physical security screening while maintaining the highest degree of weapons detection accuracy. It eliminates the friction that visitors, fans, patrons, employees and students typically experience moving through security by screening them in a touchless manner. This helps reduce the security risk of crowded security lines. It also drastically reduces false alarm rates and human errors by security guards.

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Evolv Technology Stops Over 30,000 Guns From Entering Venues In The First Six Months Of 2022

Evolv is committed to creating weapons-free zones across the world. The Evolv Express® system, which uses a powerful combination of artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, and comprehensive analytics, screens nearly 750 thousand people each day– and as many as 1.25 million a day on weekends. Since January 2022, Evolv has detected and stopped over 30 thousand guns and 27 thousand knives, excluding law enforcement, from entering its customers’ venues, including schools, performing arts centers, casinos, stadiums, arenas, hospitals and other workplaces.

Press Release

Evolv Technology Works To Set Standards for Sensitive Information in the Physical Security Industry

The need to provide transparency without helping potential attackers is a fundamental paradox of the security industry. While aviation security has clear specifications classified by the Transportation Security Administration in the US and European Civil Aviation Conference in the EU, other venues for which advanced security screening is being used have not yet formalized set standards around transparency. Evolv is working to set that standard.

Press Release

Evolv Technology Proves a Safe Bet for Hard Rock International

Evolv is pleased to announce the new partnership with Hard Rock International. Evolv will support the casino’s mission to improve the overall customer experience at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL and in Tampa, FL by installing the company’s free flow, touchless security screening technology.

GiveEvolv at Fayette County School District

Fayette County Schools in Fayetteville, West Virginia is the first recipient of the GiveEvolv grant program. Hear their story.

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Case Study

Denver Performing Arts Center Complex Marries Security and Patron Experience with Evolv Express® Systems to Produce an Unforgettable Show

The Denver Performing Arts Complex is an impressive set of venues. Sitting on a 12-acre campus of 7 theaters and multiple event spaces in the heart of downtown Denver, the Arts Complex is home to four esteemed arts institutions—Colorado Ballet, Colorado Symphony, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and Opera Colorado. There, traditional magnetometers the Arts Complex employed for security screening were intrusive—which negatively impacted the patron experience.

Case Study

Fayette County Schools Deploy Evolv Express® Systems to Foster a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment

“We had long queues pile up at our entrances, which were a threat themselves, and many of our students missed their first period of classes. Metal detectors simply are not a viable option for schools.” They then applied for the GiveEvolv Grant - which aims to grant schools with a fully funded Express system and subscription for 4 years. The GiveEvolv board selected Fayette County Schools, concluding they had found the perfect inaugural candidate for the program.

Case Study

With Evolv Technology, Nasdaq MarketSite Experience for Clients and Guests Becomes More Efficient

“We have CEOs from some of the biggest companies in the world coming to MarketSite,” Ken Kuhn, the head of Operational Security at Nasdaq notes. “It was not a good look to push them through the magnetometer and x-ray machine, followed by having them turn their pockets inside out and remove all of their items from their bags. We aspire to ensure that our guests’ first experience at a Nasdaq facility is a positive one.” Kuhn goes on to say “When the Evolv Express® system came out, it did exactly what we wanted".

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Responsible Security and Public Transparency

When developing and selling technology intended to keep catastrophic events from happening, you have a responsibility to your customers, partners, employees and all the people your customers intend to keep out of harm’s way. At Evolv, we have such a responsibility, and we take it very seriously.

Blog Post

Transparency sits on a spectrum

The best technology is transparent as to what it does without disclosing a “blueprint” to an enemy or releasing private information that shouldn’t be.

Blog Post

Best Practices to Secure Venues in a Dangerous World

Security experts around the world acknowledge that when these tragedies are dissected (after the fact), there is a complicated series of events and a trail of crumbs that lead up to these individuals doing the unthinkable.. These senseless tragedies can be stopped.