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Greater safety. Greater employee experience.

Evolv is changing the future of workplace security screening. Armed with state-of-the-art technology and superior analytics, our screening solution identifies threats in ways that traditional security screening technology can’t – offering the most innovative solution to help protect your workplace from today’s dynamic threats.

Introducing Evolv Express®

Organizations want their employees to feel safe at work without the burden of passing through a prison-like checkpoint. They want a new standard, screening that is respectful, frictionless and fast, making it easy to get to work on time. Evolv Express® is the world’s first AI-based touchless security screening, transforming physical security screening into human safety.

Employees walking through Evolv Express screening solution

Seeing is Believing

By eliminating the need for invasive and time-consuming high-touch bag checks, entry wait times go away, even at peak times. Evolv Express transforms your employee experience while improving security because it was developed with the customer experience in mind.

Features & Benefits

Intelligent Security Screening with Image-Aided Alarms

Evolv Express detects guns and other weapons without sacrificing efficiency at employee and visitor entrances, keeping facility flow moving smoothly. Unlike the invasive pat downs, wands, bag checks and long lines experienced with legacy metal detector technology, Evolv Express provides an excellent employee experience – allowing them to carrying their phones, bags and other harmless personal items as they walk through.

Features & Benefits

Empower Your Security Team with Integrated Communications

When your teams need extra help, whether because of visitor overcrowding, staffing constraints, a guest health emergency, or an escalated threat situation that needs additional personnel to resolve, it is critical to leverage your existing security processes and systems so that help can arrive as soon as possible. Evolv Express Request Assistance puts the power in their hands to request help from on-site security, alert staff members of an elevated threat, or summon help from public safety personnel during a potential security threat, instantaneously.

Situational Cameras Sample image

Features & Benefits

Give Your Team Eyes on Your Entrances with Situational Cameras

Evolv Express is more than just hardware. It's the perfect blend of weapons detection and video intelligence. With Evolv Express, you now have the ability to incorporate available security cameras directly into your security operations center (SOC), video management system (VMS) or other AI video analytics system. And, it makes Evolv the most efficient, proactive security solution on the market today.

Features & Benefits

Easily Review, Analyze and Gather Insights

Evolv Insights® is a powerful analytics dashboard accessible through the secure My Evolv Portal. You can use it to comprehensively review, analyze and gather insights from your Express screening systems at your various venue or facility locations. Explore and compare data such as visitor arrival curves and counts, system detection performance, alarm statistics and detection settings.

Gun Violence in America: A Survey on Americans’ Anxiety

The findings in our second annual report "Gun Violence in America: A Survey on American's Anxiety" paint a picture of a citizenry that is exhausted and frustrated, and willing to alter their behavior in order to create safer places where they go to learn, work, live and play. Our neighbors and fellow citizens want to be safe when they go to the grocery store, to see a movie, visit a theme park and go to school.

The Latest

With Evolv Technology, Nasdaq MarketSite Experience for Clients and Guests Becomes More Efficient

The guest experience at MarketSite is critical, but the safety and security of guests are just as vital. Managing these two often juxtaposed requirements is not an easy undertaking. Ken Kuhn, the head of Operational Security at Nasdaq knows this challenge well. “We have CEOs from some of the biggest companies in the world coming to MarketSite,” he notes. “It was not a good look to push them through the magnetometer and x-ray machine, followed by having them turn their pockets inside out and remove all of their items from their bags. We aspire to ensure that our guests’ first experience at a Nasdaq facility is a positive one.” Kuhn goes on to say “When the Evolv Express® system came out, it did exactly what we wanted."

NASDAQ Case Study Cover Image

Four Key Takeaways

Screens up to 4,000 ppl/hr — up to 10X faster than metal detectors — for a line-free experience without everyone stopping and removing items from their pockets.

Real-time view of the exact location of potential threats on an employee or their bag. Enables faster resolution and reduces physical contact.

Deploy for indoor and outdoor screening. Easy to set up and move. Multiple deployment options including single or dual-lane configurations.

Easily integrate with your broader security infrastructure. Benchmark performance using self-service analytics dashboard to monitor entrant numbers and alarm rates.

Related Products

Evolv Visual Gun Detection Tablet

Evolv Visual Gun Detection

Evolv’s visual gun detection solution leverages AI for the proactive identification of potential threats through security cameras.

Evolv Insights Product Image

Evolv Insights® Analytics

Evolv Insights® is the powerful analytics engine that provides security and operations professionals with a single, easy to use, self-service dashboard to view, review, analyze and gather insights from their Evolv Express systems.

Evolv Express Integrations Image

Evolv Express® Integrations

Integrating into your security environment extends communications from vital venue entrances, placing the power of screening in the hands of your security officers to close system gaps and react quickly to threats, which is key to shortening response time and improving overall situational awareness.

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