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Jill Lemond

Head of Education

Jill Lemond is Evolv Technology’s Senior Director of Education. She has more than 15 years of experience in education, serving the past twelve years at Oxford Community Schools in Oxford, Michigan. Previous positions include ESL and International Programs Coordinator, Director of International Operations, and Assistant Superintendent of Safety & School Operations. Jill has extensive school safety training and certifications and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English/Language Arts Teacher Education and TESOL from Michigan State University, as well as an MBA from Capella University.

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Schools’ First Step in Security Planning: Conduct a Building Assessment

According to K-12 Dive, the 2022 calendar year broke the record for the most school shootings in over four decades and marked one of the most violent years for youth ages 12-17. As of December 20, there were 300 shooting incidents on school grounds. In 2023, there have already been...

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School Safety Part 1: Inviting Student Voices into the Safety Planning Process

Band, student government, chess club, and athletics. These are some typical activities and student groups you see when you thumb through the class photos of any high school yearbook. Yet, seldom do schools create a student safety committee. This type of group can and should exist as an integral part...

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New Safety Protocols Cascade Niagara Falls City School District

Being late for school is one of the most common anxiety-inducing dreams experienced by people of all ages. You may have experienced it yourself: the feeling of running late and never being able to catch up with the rest of the class. What if that feeling was not a dream...

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School Safety Part 3: Beyond Locks and Alarms – Balancing Mental Health with Physical Security

In this third installment of our Q&A series with Jill Lemond, Evolv’s director of education, we talk about social and emotional learning, mental health and gun violence, and the real impact of weapons detection screening systems in schools....

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School Safety Part 2: A Layered Approach – Exploring the Pieces of the Puzzle

In the second installment of our series interviewing Jill Lemond, Evolv’s director of education, we discuss ways that schools can improve safety and security without having to invest tremendous financial resources. We also talk about the impact of technology to keep students safer, and how the school of the future...