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Neil Sandhoff Headshot

Neil Sandhoff

Vice President, Market Development

Neil Sandhoff serves as Vice President, Market Development at Evolv Technology, responsible for Global Market Development and building our U.S. Federal Business. Neil is a veteran leader at Evolv who initially launched our Commercial Sales and North America Sales through the successful IPO. Most recently he conceived, founded, and matured our Education Vertical that grew to over 50% of company revenue since inception. He is known within industry for building and executing successful GTM and operational strategies in the physical and digital security space. 

Neil started his global security career in the US Navy, serving as a Naval Officer before entering the professional world at Cubic Defense Applications. He has extensive global security and national security experience in various leadership roles for companies during high-growth phases, acquisitions, and IPOs to include PAE/A-T Solutions, Smiths Detection, and Sotera Defense Solutions/GTEC. Neil holds a Bachelor of Science in Comprehensive Program from Villanova University.  

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Three Trends Impacting Entertainment Security

In past blog posts, we’ve discussed the need for weapons screening and how to improve security at performing arts venues. In taking a look at the broader entertainment industry as a whole, the conversation around security looks different....

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Evaluating the Need for Weapons Screening at Performing Arts Venues

Determining the need for a weapons policy and a threat detection solution at performing arts centers involves more than the security director to make purchasing and implementation decisions. From budget, policy and patron experience, the leadership team must work together to organize, evaluate, plan and implement and communicate such an...