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Evolv Visual Gun Detection™

Visual Gun Detection

Evolv Visual Gun Detection™ leverages AI for the proactive identification of potential threats through security cameras.

Gain Early Warning & Take Prompt Action

When a potential threat is detected, a comprehensive image, highlighting the identified gun, is transmitted to your local security team and command center, a 3rd party monitoring service, or both. 

This early warning is designed to help empower security teams to swiftly implement emergency operational procedures, like locking the doors, alerting the broader security team, and getting people to safety. 

Upgrade Your Entry Point

Help enable your “First Reactor” - the security professional stationed at your entry point or near an Evolv Express – with the option to receive prompt alerts, featuring a live annotated video of the detected threat, allowing for a rapid security response in seconds. 

AI Detection

Evolv’s solution utilizes Omnilert’s best-in-class visual gun detect software on your security cameras. 

Multiple Monitoring Options

Choose from localized alerts to your security operations center, self-managed via mobile, desktop, and web, or monitoring by a 3rd party service. Entry point alerts with live video, can also go to the Evolv First Reactor Tablet.

Integrated Response 

Help enable a unified response by integrating with your existing systems, such as VMS, access control, security alarm, and more.

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