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Experience Evolv Virtually

Experience Evolv Express®, the new standard for weapons detection in today’s world. Click on the virtual demo video below or one of our recent webinars to begin your journey.

Webinar: Eliminating Ingress Lines for Fans & Staff

Secure, rapid, free-flowing, and relaxed guest entry is a goal that most public venue and live event operators share.  In April, we co-hosted a free webinar in which two best-in-class operators, the NFL's Atlanta Falcons and Tennessee Titans, described how they have accomplished this goal after deploying the next-gen Evolv Express guest screening system.  Their experience in simultaneously improving guest, staff, and security outcomes is relevant well beyond sports, and the lessons they learned can be applied in many settings and industries.

Seeing is Believing

The Evolv weapons detection system combines powerful sensor technology with proven artificial intelligence (AI), security ecosystem integrations, and comprehensive venue analytics to ensure safer, more accurate threat detection at an unprecedented speed and volume.

Watch our latest Virtual Experience Evolv event recording to find out how to accelerate your security screening by 10x and reduce labor costs by up to 70%. And, with Evolv's latest built-in integrations, you can accelerate your team’s ability to respond to potential threats at your venue’s entryways.

Webinar: New Standards in Physical Security

Many of the security screening standards in use today were put in place decades ago. The threat landscape has changed, and the breadth of vulnerable venues has expanded, yet the predominant security screening technologies in use today are still the ones developed decades ago. Evolv Technology co-founders Mike Ellenbogen and Anil Chitkara virtually sit down with our guest speaker Chuck Marino, CEO of National Security Export and Consultant Sentinel Security Solutions, LLC to discuss this new landscape, and ultimately what new security technology is needed to address this shift.

Free-flow and Touchless

See what the next generation of security screening technology looks like. No stopping. No pat-downs. No bag checks.

Smart, Not Dumb

See how the Evolv Express system’s AI differentiates between commonly carried, everyday items and a variety of threat objects.

Simple, Yet Sophisticated

A future-proof system with an inviting design and powerful performance versus an outdated metal detector.