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Steve Morandi Headshot

Steve Morandi

Senior Vice President, Product Management

Steve Morandi is a member of the Evolv Technology Executive Leadership Team where he serves as Senior Vice President of Product Management. Steve is a senior executive who possesses extensive experience driving business transformation through strategy and operational excellence, as well as product management and marketing. He previously served at PerkinElmer, where he led revenue growth, digitization, and strategy for the company’s OneSource Technology Portfolio. Prior to that, Steve was in leadership roles with companies such as GE, PTC, Deloitte, and Oco, where he specialized in product management, portfolio growth and analytics offerings. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University, as well as an MBA from Boston University.

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Exciting New Features in MyEvolv and Evolv Insights®

As the Senior Vice President of Product at Evolv Technology, I am privileged to understand our customers' needs across diverse industries and to innovate solutions that help to meet those needs. At Evolv, we are dedicated to delivering strategic software updates multiple times a year, helping to ensure our customers'...

Blog Post

Taking the Temperature on Thermal Imaging

Let’s take a moment and ponder several numbers…. 15,300, 775 and 2,581,230....

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Evolv Express® vs. the Traditional Walk-Through Metal Detector

In today’s world of everywhere violence, we should no longer be screening with yesterday’s technology. Manual inspections, hand wands and traditional metal detectors are slow, invasive, inefficient, involve too many nuisance alarms and create long lines, forcing venues to choose between safety and the visitor experience. ...

Blog Post

Why it’s time for a new standard in security screening

In the security world, what has become common is not what is best for every situation. So many of the measures in place at venues right now exist in response to what happened years ago in different settings. ...

Blog Post

The Case for a New Standard in Physical Security

As our threat environment rapidly changes, our security standards are being left behind. Developed nearly fifty years ago and barely updated since then, current standards for metal detector technologies can't keep up with all the metal objects we carry with us every day — and it shows. ...

Blog Post

One More Security Technology? The Imperative of Integrations with a Venue’s Digital Threshold

Go to any security trade show lately, and you’ll see them in the exhibit hall: rows upon rows of security technologies available for venues, stadiums, health care facilities, schools, and workplaces. These range from access control gates, to video management systems, to surveillance camera analytics, to gunshot detectors, to mass...

Blog Post

How the Digital Transformation of Physical Security Impacts a Venue’s Stakeholders

When considering major organizational changes, like the digital transformation of physical security at a venue, security and operational leaders must ask themselves who this change will impact, and how. ...

Blog Post

The Future Is Here: Smart, Connected Venue Security with Evolv

Senior security leaders across multiple industries, surveyed in a joint study by Microsoft and Accenture, cited “reactive threat management” and “intuition-led decision-making based on subjectivity” as top challenges in physical security. The technologies predicted in the study to transform these challenges? “Artificial intelligence and signals processing” at the venue’s threshold;...