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Evolv Cortex AI®

The software platform serves as the brain and connective tissue to seamlessly integrate and process data from multiple sensors. And it is constantly learning—meaning Evolv Express® “evolves” over time as new threats are identified.

Sensor Network Sees More Weapons Quickly & Accurately

Evolv’s Intelligent Sensor Network generates millions of multi-layered data points for Evolv Express® every second to sense weapons in real-time with precision.

Data Fusion Engine Fuels with Clean, Smart Data

By processing and organizing millions of data points from hundreds of sensors every second, the Data Fusion Engine provides the accurate threat data allowing Evolv Express to adapt and become more intelligent as new threat profiles are discovered.

Threat AI Classifier Gets Smarter Over Time

Trained using an extensive set of real-world threat data, the Evolv Threat AI Classifier is the intelligence powering the unmatched accuracy of Evolv products. The classifier continuously differentiates true threats from harmless objects in real time.

Integration API Provides Interoperability

The Integration API offers open integration and interoperability with third-party security operation center software, third-party sensors, and alert and management packages.

Threat Intelligence Cloud Continually Increases Accuracy

The Threat Intelligence Cloud allows Evolv Express customers to send and receive newly discovered threat profiles to a secure cloud service. As customers add new profiles, the Threat Intelligence Cloud becomes more accurate.

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Blog Post

Transforming Human Security and Saving Lives

Mike Ellenbogen talks about how innovation in detection has to address often competing requirements: balance the physics of detection, address the realities of all of the personal items we carry, and support the operational needs of the customer. And, it must satisfy all three in a way that achieves high throughput, quickly and more securely than the alternatives.

Bloomberg Quicktake Interview

The Future of Security After Mass Reopenings

On April 21, 2021, Evolv Technology CEO, Peter George, joined Bloomberg Quicktake Anchor, Tim Stenovec, to discuss Evolv Technology’s touchless AI-based security screening technology.

Press Release

Evolv Technology Brings Data Analytics Capabilities to its AI-enabled Touchless Security Screening System

An Industry-first, Bolstering Security Operations Efficiency, Evolv Insights® Provides Evolv Express® Customers with Greater Visibility into the Performance of Their Screening Systems.

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Evolv Express®

Revolutionary touchless security screening that’s 10x faster than the competition. You can now create a safe, welcoming visitor experience with no stopping or emptying of pockets.

Evolv Insights® Analytics

Evolv Insights® is the powerful analytics engine that provides security and operations professionals with a single, easy to use, self-service dashboard to view, review, analyze and gather insights from their Evolv Express systems.

Evolv TempCheck™

With the addition of a thermal sensor and the Evolv TempCheck™ software application, the Evolv Express platform can screen each visitor for elevated skin temperature in an average 2-3 seconds followed by immediate, touchless weapons screening.