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Access Control Unit Integration

Access Control Unit

When Evolv Express® detects a potential threat, it is vital to have the ability to rapidly communicate this potential threat to nearby systems, including gates, doors, turnstiles, lights, and other devices. These connected systems can use the alert for many different tasks, including preventing access into a secure location, like an employee-entrance to a workplace, hospital, or school (door or turnstile), or alerting guards to a potential threat (using a light or other signaling devices).

Safety & Convenience

In low-flow entrances, such as an employee back entrance, the Evolv Access Control Unit plays an important role. The unit allows you to immediately alert Access Control and other systems when Evolv Express detects a potential threat. To ensure that only the person carrying the potential danger is prevented access and not people entering through a different lane, the Access Control Unit has different outputs on the back to tell the Access Control system precisely which Evolv Express lane alerted. This empowers the Access Control to block access to a specific gate while allowing other employees to enter without inconvenience.

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