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Open API

There are many different types of security-related systems that customers typically deploy. From Access Control to control access into a venue, visitor management to track guests, systems to record the surveillance cameras, video analytics to spot suspicious activity, Incident Management and Mass Notification systems to handle and respond to incidents, and more. Every vertical will have their own needs and priorities.

The purpose of the Open API is to empower partners and customers to create the integrations that they need to drive their business and improve security to keep people safe.

Integrate Security Screening with Your Various Security Endpoints

A New Open API allows integration from Evolv Express® to various security endpoints, such as video management systems (VMS), video analytics, incident management systems and mass notification systems, all used in layered security.  By connecting the ingress information, threat data, and Assistance Request button to the Security Operations Center (SOC), security experts are able to draw upon more data to make the right decisions for security purposes.

Why the Open API Matters to You

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For Evolv Customers

You now have the ability to connect your weapons detection system to any of your security systems. As your security systems are integrated together it becomes a real force multiplier against security threats.

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For Evolv Integrators

You can create an integrated solution to improve your go-to-market strategy as well as add additional value and services to your customers.

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For Manufacturers

This makes your software/system more valuable and attractive for new and existing customers by allowing your user interface to be the front-end to control how the data is presented.

Evolv Express Open API features

Securely connect to the Evolv Cloud to receive unverified and verified alerts, requests for assistance, events, and threat images from Evolv Express systems running on your premises.

Tokens (that can be configured to be valid for a limited period of time) are used to verify the authenticity of the request and ensure and control when access via the Open API to a customer’s information is allowed.

Related Products

Mass Notifications

Communicate threat localization image, threat type, time and location of alert, and Request Assistance notifications and more with our advanced mass notification integration.

VMS Integrations

Weapons screening is a notoriously analog technology, disconnected from other high-tech security solutions at your venue. Integrating VMS platforms extends communications from the vital venue entrances to your extended security team, no matter where they are located, which is key to shortening response time and improving overall situational awareness.

Access Control Unit Integration

Access Control

When Evolv Express® detects a potential threat, it is vital to have the ability to rapidly communicate this potential threat to nearby systems, including gates, doors, turnstiles, and other devices preventing access into a secure location, like an employee-entrance to a workplace, hospital, or school (door or turnstile).