Guest ingress that is dramatically faster, more convenient, and more secure

Stadiums and arenas must continue to improve their guest experience to remain competitive.  With a dizzying array of potential venue upgrades, it’s difficult to know which will truly move the needle. Only Evolv can deliver a positive impact for every guest at every event by creating an arrival experience that is dramatically faster, more convenient, and more secure.  And only Evolv can enable meaningful reductions in gate staffing requirements.

People walking through Evolv Express®

Introducing Evolv Express®, the single most impactful venue upgrade solution available today

Evolv Express® allows guests to enter a venue without stopping and with personal items remaining in pockets and bags.  By eliminating the need for invasive and time-consuming high-touch bag checks, entry waits go away, even at peak times.  Guests enter more quickly and more relaxed.  Gate attendants devote their entire focus to bona fide risks.  Quicker and more pleasant entry translates into happier fans. The impact is dramatic and immediate, with guest satisfaction jumping as soon as the new system comes on line.

Seeing is Believing

At busy times, most stadiums, ballparks, and arenas have long entry lines, creating fan frustration and a bad first impression. Evolv Express changes that reality, transforming your guest experience while improving security.

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Press Release

Evolv Technology Helps AO Arena Guests Stay Safe

The UK’s largest indoor arena deploys advanced weapons detection technology enhancing safety and experience.

Case Study

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Makes Guests and Staff Feel Like They Are Walking into a Friend’s House with Fan-friendly Security Screening

When Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia opened in 2017, fan experience was at the very center of its design. Since then, the stadium is known for its state-of-the-art look, with the world's largest scoreboard, over 4,000 miles of fiber optics connections, and more. “Our objective is to make attending events at Mercedes-Benz Stadium feel like you’re walking into a friend’s house—to a place you belong or even own,” notes Karl Pierburg, Chief Technology Officer at AMB Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium...


The New Standard - A Security Technology Buyer's Guide

Learn the impact of a new standard for modern technologies in physical security, and how world-class venues can use this new standard to inform the selection and deployment of new technologies for physical security today—and well into the future.

Intelligent Security Screening

Evolv Express detects guns and other weapons without sacrificing efficiency at entrances. Unlike the invasive pat downs, wands, bag checks and long lines experienced with legacy metal detector technology, Evolv Express provides an excellent fan experience – allowing them to carrying their phones, stadium-approved bags and other harmless personal items as they walk through.

Faster Reaction Times with Integrated Communications

Evolv Express Request Assistance is designed to enhance the productivity of your security staff, who can now speedily and accurately send out a request for additional resources to help handle an escalation in guest service issues. And, by offering built-in integrations to your existing security technologies, Express accelerates your team’s ability to respond to potential threats at your venue’s entryways.

Evolv Request Assistance Feature Screenshot

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Makes Guests and Staff Feel Safe with Fan-friendly Security Screening

“Our objective is to make attending events at Mercedes-Benz Stadium feel like you’re walking into a friend’s house—to a place you belong or even own,” notes Karl Pierburg, Chief Technology Officer at AMB Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium. In 2019, the security team embarked on an initiative to enhance the Mercedes-Benz Stadium guest experience further by transforming arrival and entry and landed on Evolv Technology.

Tennessee Titans Turn to Evolv to "Get Obsessed" About Fan Ingress Experience

The NFL's Tennessee Titans deployed Express units at Nissan Stadium during an off-week between home games. Hear about how they immediately eliminated lines, doubled fan satisfaction, redeployed staff, improved security, and freed up valuable real estate.

New State-of-the-Art Field Delivers Unparalleled Fan Ingress Experiences with Evolv

“The Haslam and Edwards families wanted to build an unparalleled fan ingress experience from the very start—and that is exactly what we did with breakthrough technologies like those from Evolv, Brandon Covert, VP of IT, Haslam Sports Group. By enabling Evolv Express®, Stadium has been recognized as delivering the best fan ingress experience in the country.

Transform Guest Arrival

With a screening capacity of up to 4,000 people per hour – about 10X faster than legacy systems – lines are all but eliminated, even at peak times.

For the vast majority of guests, there is no need to empty pockets, open bags, and submit to a manual, high-touch inspection.

By harnessing the power of sensors, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, there is superior detection of crowd safety threats.

With reduced staff requirements, flexible placement, and all-weather functionality, operations are simplified in any venue setting.

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Evolv Cortex AI™ Platform

Unlike traditional metal detectors, Evolv Express is powered by the Evolv Cortex AI™ software platform which enables the system to spot threats while ignoring harmless personal items. Real-time image-aided alarms show guards precisely where the potential threat is.

Evolv Insights® Analytics

Evolv Insights® is the powerful analytics engine that provides security and operations professionals with a single, easy to use, self-service dashboard to view, review, analyze and gather insights from their Evolv Express systems.

Evolv TempCheck™

With the addition of a thermal sensor and the Evolv TempCheck™ software application, the Evolv Express platform can screen each visitor for elevated skin temperature in an average 2-3 seconds followed by immediate, touchless weapons screening.