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Guest ingress that is dramatically faster, more convenient, and more secure

Stadiums and arenas must continue to improve their guest experience to remain competitive.  With a dizzying array of potential venue upgrades, it’s difficult to know which will truly move the needle. Only Evolv can deliver a positive impact for every guest at every event by creating an arrival experience that is dramatically faster, more convenient, and more secure.  And only Evolv can enable meaningful reductions in gate staffing requirements.

People walking through Evolv Express®

Introducing Evolv Express®, the single most impactful venue upgrade solution available today

Evolv Express® allows guests to enter a venue without every person stopping and with most personal items remaining in pockets and bags.  By eliminating the need for invasive and time-consuming high-touch bag checks, entry waits go away, even at peak times.  Guests enter more quickly and more relaxed.  Gate attendants devote their entire focus to bona fide risks.  Quicker and more pleasant entry translates into happier fans. The impact is dramatic and immediate, with guest satisfaction jumping as soon as the new system comes on line.

Seeing is Believing

At busy times, most stadiums, ballparks, and arenas have long entry lines, creating fan frustration and a bad first impression. Evolv Express changes that reality, transforming your guest experience while improving security.

Trusted Nationwide

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Features & Benefits

Next Generation Security Screening with Image-Aided Alarms

When it comes to security, we all want the same thing: a system that is quick, efficient and accurate. Evolv Express is designed to bring you all three. It's an intelligent screening solution that provides accurate automatic detection of weapons where you need it most, keeping your entrances flowing with unparalleled, reliable weapons detection.

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Features & Benefits

Integrated Communications for Efficient Emergency Response

When a security incident occurs, it takes time for on-site personnel to address and resolve the situation. But the right communication to your off-site colleagues can speed that response and the resolution process. Evolv Express Request Assistance enables you to send an instant request for help — allowing you to resolve issues faster and keep guests feeling safe.

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Features & Benefits

Worry Less. Provide Better Security with Situational Cameras

Bridge the gap in security safety and identify ever-expanding threats to your venue with Evolv Technology. With Evolv Express, you can incorporate available security cameras directly and securely into your security operations center (SOC), video management system (VMS) or other AI video analytics platform for additional eyes on your entrances.

Features & Benefits

Make Data-Driven Security Decisions

Evolv Insights® is a first-of-its kind, advanced analytics dashboard for your Evolv Express security system. Whether you have just one site or many locations, Evolv Insights provides powerful ways to review, analyze and make data-driven decisions about security performance monitoring.

Gun Violence in America: A Survey on Americans’ Anxiety

The findings in our second annual report "Gun Violence in America: A Survey on American's Anxiety" paint a picture of a citizenry that is exhausted and frustrated, and willing to alter their behavior in order to create safer places where they go to learn, work, live and play. Our neighbors and fellow citizens want to be safe when they go to the grocery store, to see a movie, visit a theme park and go to school.

NCS⁴ Operational Exercise for Evolv Express

The NCS⁴ facilitates operational exercises for technology solution providers. As part of the operational exercise, the NCS⁴ assembles a team with the requisite expertise, identifies appropriate sites for the exercise, generates relevant scenarios, and simulates end-user interaction to provide constructive feedback for developers and interested parties. By design, the demonstration and exercise allows experts to observe stated capabilities in an operational or simulated environment. The NCS⁴ Evolv operational exercise was conducted in October 2021.

Sports Industry Information Resources

Case Study
SoFistadium case study thumbnail

SoFi Stadium and YouTube Theater Stay on the Leading Edge of Guest Experience with Evolv Technology

"When guests come to Hollywood Park, and more specifically SoFi Stadium or YouTube Theater, they expect a smooth experience - whether it is parking, coming through the entrance, or the actual event they came to see," said Nick Bermensolo, Sr. Director of Security at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park. After experiencing longer security lines with their traditional metal detectors, they heard about the Evolv Express® system from other NFL teams who had replaced metal detectors with the Express system.

Press Release
Minnesota Twins Press Release thumbnail

Twins Name Evolv As Official Fan Screening Technology

Target Field will feature Evolv’s state-of-the-art Evolv Express® screening solution at each entrance, beginning with the Twins’ 2023 home opener on April 6 against the World Series champion Houston Astros.

Case Study
Bridgestone Arena Case Study Thumbnail

Evolv Helps Improve Security at Bridgestone Arena and Ensures Fans Never Miss a Puck Drop

Locally dubbed as “the biggest honky-tonk on Broadway”, the Bridgestone Arena is at the very heart of the entertainment district in downtown Nashville. It is one of the busiest entertainment venues in the world, hosting home games for the NHL’s Nashville Predators, Broadway shows, virtually every form of musical performance,...

Transform Guest Arrival

With a screening capacity of up to 4,000 people per hour – about 10X faster than legacy systems – lines are all but eliminated, even at peak times.

For the vast majority of guests, there is no need to empty pockets, open bags, and submit to a manual, high-touch inspection.

By harnessing the power of sensors, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, there is superior detection of crowd safety threats.

With reduced staff requirements, flexible placement, and all-weather functionality, operations are simplified in any venue setting.

Related Products

Evolv Insights® Analytics

Evolv Insights® is the powerful analytics engine that provides security and operations professionals with a single, easy to use, self-service dashboard to view, review, analyze and gather insights from their Evolv Express systems.

Evolv Express Integrations Image

Evolv Express® Integrations

Integrating into your security environment extends communications from vital venue entrances, placing the power of screening in the hands of your security officers to close system gaps and react quickly to threats, which is key to shortening response time and improving overall situational awareness.

Evolv Visual Gun Detection

Evolv Visual Gun Detection

Evolv’s visual gun detection solution leverages AI for the proactive identification of potential threats through security cameras.