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Neil Glat Headshot

Neil Glat

Chairman of the Board

From September 2019 through March 2020, Mr. Glat was a Senior Advisor to the New York Jets, as well as a Managing Member of NG Strategies, LLC. From April 2012 through August 2019, Mr. Glat served as the President of the New York Jets. Prior to that, Mr. Glat was a senior executive at the National Football League for 15 years, where he oversaw corporate development and strategy, in addition to having top-tier experience in management consulting at McKinsey & Company and investment banking at Dillon, Read & Co. Mr. Glat is currently on the Board of ASM Global, a privately-held company which is the world’s largest stadium, arena, convention center, theater, and venue management company and which was formed by the recent merger of SMG and AEG Facilities. In addition, Mr. Glat serves on many philanthropic boards. Mr. Glat has extensive operating and strategic experience in sports, entertainment, media, and hospitality. During his more than 25 years in combined tenures at the New York Jets, the National Football League, and professional service firms, Mr. Glat has consistently focused on, among other things, driving revenue growth, increasing consumer engagement, identifying new businesses, encouraging innovation, developing forward-looking strategies, and executing strategic transactions and deals. Mr. Glat earned a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Economics from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Harvard Law School.