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Customer Testimonials

Evolv was founded in 2013 as a next-generation physical security company and has screened more than 1 billion people, helping to keep the world safer to live, work, learn and play. But don't take our word for it, hear why our customers have chosen Evolv to be their trusted security solutions provider as they talk about our integrity, transparency, honesty, testing results and more.

Evolv’s Integrity

Hear the Superintendent of Hemet Unified School District talk about Evolv’s integrity.

Evolv’s Transparency

Hear the VP of Technology Solutions at the New York Mets talk about Evolv being transparent.

Evolv’s Honesty

Hear the VP & Chief Security Officer for Pittsburgh Cultural Trust talk about Evolv being honest and candid.

Extensively Testing Evolv

Hear the VP of Park Operations for the Minnesota Twins talk about extensively testing Evolv’s systems.

Fundamentally Changing Security

Hear the Deputy Superintendent of Florence 1 Schools discuss how Evolv can fundamentally change what you’re doing tomorrow for security.

Selecting Evolv

Hear the President of the Pittsburgh Pirates talk about testing different security products in the industry and selecting Evolv.

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Press Release

Evolv Technology Corrects Misinformation

Over the past year, Evolv believes it has been the target of a short seller campaign, coordinating with certain media outlets, who are incentivized to discredit the company, misrepresent facts, and promote misinformation. The following outlines the main points these groups have raised and Evolv’s fact-based responses.

Blog Post

Open Letter to Security Professionals

Evolv's advisors, who have served this country in national security, law enforcement and military organizations, with decades of experience keeping our Homeland safe, here and abroad, write a letter to security professionals supporting Evolv.

Web Page

Just the Facts

A web page devoted to discussing everything you need to know about Evolv Technology answering a number of frequently asked questions by the media and your peers related to NCS4 reports, detection capabilities and more.

Explore Evolv Yourself

Evolv in Action Tour
Evolv Express system with people walking through

See Evolv in Action at a Stadium or Arena Near You

The 2024 Evolv in Action Tour brings you unique opportunities to experience Evolv at your favorite teams' stadiums. Whether you're brand new to Evolv or are a seasoned user, we invite you to join one of our tour stops to experience Express at its highest capacity, and to network with the industry leaders bringing the same level of screening accuracy and experience to their schools, hospitals, and more. 

Evolv Shows

See Evolv at a Tradeshow or Event Near You

Evolv showcases its products at a number of conferences, meetings and events throughout the nation. Check out the latest list of shows we'll be at, from leading national security shows such as ISC West, to regional industry expos in the healthcare, education and sports industries.

Evolv at Home
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Experience Evolv from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Evolv hosts a Virtual Experience Evolv demonstration with our leading exports and makes an OnDemand version available for download at all times. Evolv also partipates in industry-led webinars throughout the year, including ones hosted by ASIS, Campus Safety, Security Today, Sports Business Journal (SBJ), and many others.