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Whitepaper: The New Standard for Weapons Detection


Physical security is always about more than detection technology alone. Security screening involves an integrated system of people, processes, and technologies that work together to address the threat in a specific operating environment. And defining the right technology to balance physical safety and guest experience relies on understanding how it fits within this broader system. While the right technology can harmonize with the people and processes that deploy it and thereby improve physical security, the wrong technology can in fact hinder the important work of safeguarding the public, putting an undue burden on security teams and increasing the risk of physical harm.

Every operating environment is unique, which is why re-evaluating what worked for airports, prisons, and municipal buildings is so critical to understanding the right security solutions for significantly different types of venues, their unique visitors, and the potential threats they may encounter. Critically examining historical standards based only on the technologies available at the time is the first step in this re-evaluation.

The next step?

A new standard that is better aligned to more types of venues, their business goals, their visitors, and their security needs. By exploring what’s possible with modern technology, what’s operationally sustainable for the people and processes across security teams, and how the system as a whole can better meet its objectives, venues can address the needs of both their employees and the visiting public alike, all while maintaining the high standards of weapons detection required to prevent the catastrophic loss of life.

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