Prescribing the Evolv Express® System and Evolv Insights® for Healthcare Weapons Screening



In response to rising violent assaults towards healthcare workers, healthcare facilities are taking steps to protect their staff, patients, and visitors by instituting additional security screening practices and systems. But metal detectors—both walkthrough and hand-held wands—come with significant drawbacks. For incoming patients, they are invasive and can increase anxiety and stress further. Hand wands, for example, only work if they are held about one inch off the body of the person.

In this whitepaper, we outline 7 ways to use weapons screening data from Evolv Insights® and to improve patient, staff, and visitor safety.

Violence and Safety in Healthcare Facilities Are a Problem

In addition to the above, both walkthrough and hand-held metal detectors generate a lot of false positives and the associated secondary checks are problematic, especially for incoming patients with serious health issues. And when there is a surge in incoming patients, staff, and visitors, metal detectors cannot scale to handle the increased volume.

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