Engaging the Evolv Express® System and Evolv Insights® for Ticketing Venue Security Screening



Ingress security screening remains a significant pain point for most ticketing venues. Fans and patrons want touchless, frictionless experiences, and ticketing venues want to give that to them. At the same time, ticketing venues must ensure the safety and security of fans and patrons by instituting appropriate security measuring— which includes security screening. But these legacy approaches to weapons screening are simply not a good fit for several reasons.

In this whitepaper, we outline 11 ways to use security screening data from Evolv Insights® and improve fan and guest experience - and better security

Legacy Security Screening Fails at Fan and Patron Experience

Legacy walkthrough and hand-wand metal detectors are a significant hurdle. They cannot scale to meet the volumes of fans and patrons who need to be screened. A large percentage of security alarms are false positives, prompting fans and patrons to pass through secondary security screening. Lengthy lines form in front of event entrances, which frustrate fans and patrons and create additional security risks. At the same time, unable to get fans and patrons into the venue, organizations lose opportunities for additional revenue from concessions and
different retail stores.

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