Urban Hospital Turns to Evolv Technology to Address Threats to ER Staff and Patient Safety

Facing an uptick in workplace violence and a hospital staff fearful for their own safety, an urban hospital in a large U.S. city hired a new Director of Public Safety who was given the charter to improve safety for hospital staff, patients, and visitors. At the time, the hospital had basic security systems and processes in place. "We were very short-staffed and had a lot of open positions," the Director of Public Safety says. The Director also went on to say that they've "been waiting years for someone to invent a technology where you can just freely walk through the concealed weapons detector without needing to empty out your pockets and take everything out of your bags as part of the screening process". The hospital landed on the Evolv Express® for weapons detection, and through implementing us was able to:

  • Detect 7 handguns and 9 knives in less than 40 days
  • Achieve rapid deployment window while training all hospital security staff (30-plus officers) to manage it
  • Enable ER nurses and doctors—and hospital staff in general—to feel relieved and able to focus on patient care versus concern over their safety

Read the case study to learn how you can start your journey to a more secure and guest-friendly security screening solution in healthcare today.

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