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New CITYPARK Stadium Adds Evolv to Its Cutting Edge Technology Portfolio to Help Keep Fans Safer

Joe Abernathy, VP of Operations, CITYPARK, has 25 years of experience in stadium operations. “Being involved with MLS’ newest expansion team, St. Louis CITY SC, was really exciting, especially since I grew up playing soccer in St. Louis.” As part of this process, safety was a critical underpinning for the design and launch of CITYPARK. “Providing a safe, clean and friendly environment for our guests is our first priority,” Abernathy explains.“ When it came time to evaluating the screening technology for CITYPARK, we were excited because options beyond legacy metal detectors were becoming available."

“We were speaking with members of industry groups, and Evolv was a name that kept coming up,” he remembers. “We looked
at multiple solutions and Evolv met the vetting requirements better than every other vendor. Speed, ease of use, and AI kept coming up in those conversations. “We wanted to make the ingress experience seamless, touchless, and paperless. We wanted the guests to have time to take in the entire building and the different things it offers,” Abernathy said. By enabling the Evolv Express®, St. Louis CITY SC was able to achieve the following: 

  • Screened up to 500 fans per minute at four stadium entrance
  • Reduced proposed security lane footprint by 63%—from what would have been around 50 metal detectors to 19 Express lanes (or 11 systems
  • Got fans into the stadium quickly so they can enjoy concessions and stadium amenities before the start of events

Case Study Video

Watch how St. Louis CITY SC increases their visitor experience with Evolv Express®

Case Study

Read the case study to learn how you can start your journey to a more secure and guest-friendly security screening solution in the professional sports industry today.


View our infographic about the St. Louis CITY SC's experience with Evolv

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