Emerald Queen Casino Doubled Down on Evolv Express® and Hit the Jackpot

Before becoming an Evolv Technology customer, Emerald Queen Casino used metal detection wands. Once they were introduced to the Evolv Express® as they looked to reopen after the pandemic, David Yerbury, Director of Security at EQC said, “I take the safety of our guests and employees very seriously. Evolv and its Express system is a game-changer for us. Knowing that I have this technology in place at every entrance helps me sleep better at night.” By enabling Evolv Express through one of our partners, Velesea, EQC was able to achieve the following:  

  • Maximize security effectiveness and accuracy without impacting the guest experience
  • Manage security screening with approximately half the security staff required for a magnetometers-based solution
  • Reduced need for secondary security screening across all guests and employees

Case Study Video

Watch how EQC streamlined their security process with the Evolv Express®

Read the case study to learn how you can start your journey to a more secure and guest-friendly security screening solution today.

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