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Boch Center Gives Evolv a Standing Ovation for Keeping Patrons Safe with Evolv Express®

The iconic Boch Center is no stranger to sold-out shows. From classic theater, operas, musicals, comedy and more, they are the place to be to see a show in Boston. A historic reputation and show-stopping lineup means the lines outside their venues would always wrap around city blocks, which not only proved to be a security threat for patrons but also negatively impacted the theater experience and affected local businesses. On their opening night with Evolv, the Boch Center was apprehensive about how well the system would work in addressing these issues, so commonly seen with traditional metal detectors. This apprehension was quickly relieved. Eric Neill, Director of Theater Operations at the Boch Center recounts, “when we opened the doors, patrons started streaming through the Express lanes and proceeding to ticketing. The lines faded away. Within 15 minutes, there was a positive vibe across the entire staff in the building.” Since that first show, Neill has been able to quickly and efficiently bring patrons into the theater, while also maintaining positive relationships with surrounding businesses. By enabling Evolv Express® the Boch Center was able to achieve the following:  

  • Reduced nuisance alarm rate 7-fold, approximately an 80% reduction from metal detectors
  • Shrank security screening footprint from 11 metal detectors to 4 Express systems
  • Eliminated security lines that took up to 15 minutes to navigate

Case Study Video

Watch how the Boch Center increased the patron experience with Evolv Express®

Case Study

Read the case study to learn how you can start your journey to a more secure and guest-friendly security screening solution in the performing arts industry today.


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