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How Evolv Express 3.0 Is Transforming Venue Security

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Jill Newberg
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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Aug 11, 2021

As the world reopens, physical security is top of mind for venue leadership and visitors alike. Venue security relies on a combination of people, processes, and technologies to prevent harmful weapons from entering. Different venues take different approaches to creating, maintaining, and improving security screening based on the unique needs of the organization and its visitors.  

But every venue has a common challenge: ensure a welcoming guest experience while preventing potential weapons threats from entering. To help address this need in the many ways venues implement security, Evolv recently launched its latest software update for Evolv Express®, Version 3.0. This version introduces new capabilities to advance threat detection, enhance existing venue security response time and protocols with integrated communications, and improve usability and mobility with an intuitive user experience and a wireless tablet option.  

Changing the Status Quo 

Balancing guest experience with the mandate to keep everyone safe is critical when making decisions about security personnel, processes, and technologies. While metal detectors are extremely good at alarming on any object that could be a threat, their user experience is less than ideal. They require people to separate from their bags and personal items, which result in repeat scans, and creates long lines. And in this post-pandemic era, requiring guards to handle personal items, or even wand and pat-down guests, can result in potentially unsafe personal contact. Certainly not the personal experience we all seek. 

In short, manually assessing everyone entering a venue is a burden on everyone involved, aggravating the very people that venues are trying to welcome in. Worse still, it creates new threats. Beyond just the health concerns of crowded lines and close personal contact, guards can become fatigued with manual checks due to so many false-positive alarms, putting them at higher risk of letting potential threats through. And long, tedious lines in unsecured areas create crowds that could become a soft target themselves: exacerbating the very threat conditions that venues are trying to avoid.  

Better Detection Improves Safety 

Balancing venue security with guest experience should never be a compromise. Evolv Express accelerates the way guests move through security checkpoints by leveraging advanced sensors, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, and camera technology to detect and visually pinpoint a potential weapon on a person’s body or baggage. It allows visitors to flow seamlessly into a venue at a normal walking pace while focusing guards’ efforts on quickly and efficiently resolving potential threats.  

The Evolv Express technology continuously improves with new releases, and the 3.0 release introduces yet another update to the detection algorithm. This update helps to refine false positive rates (“nuisance alarms”) without compromising the system’s ability to detect even the smallest weapons. 

Security Ecosystem Integrations Shorten Response Time 

Evolv Express is designed to integrate seamlessly with other venue technologies to ensure security teams are supported in their work using processes and protocols already in place. Unlike analog machines and manual methods, Evolv Express is designed to extend a venue’s security eyes and ears to the entryways with features like front-and-rear-facing cameras with available integrations into an existing Security Operations Center (SOC) or Video Management System (VMS).  

To these existing integration capabilities, Evolv Express Version 3.0 adds the newly-released “Request Assistance” feature. When a guard at an Evolv Express system needs to reach out across the existing extended security ecosystem—whether it’s for help from other team members, supervisors, or adjacent teams like law enforcement—Request Assistance adds a one-touch feature on the Evolv Express tablet that leverages your existing security processes and systems to send communications discreetly and instantaneously via SMS text or email. It automatically includes the location of the system requesting assistance, along with the option for a customized message from the team member in need.  

Request Assistance is easily configured in the MyEvolv portal by a system administrator to ensure that personnel staffing critical positions at a venue will be able to leverage existing security protocols for critical communications to get the help they need and better secure entryways, and guests, quickly.  

Usability Accelerates Threat Resolution 

Each Evolv Express tablet provides a targeted search capability when a potential threat is detected via an indicator on an image of the alerting individual, which shows the location of the threat from different vantage points and allows for the detection of multiple threats on the person or their baggage as they walk through the system. This visual alert only targets individuals with potential threats on their person—not everybody walking through—to streamline the work of your security personnel, allowing them to focus their efforts only on addressing and resolving potential threats.  

Visual alerts are delivered via a tablet user experience, and Evolv Express 3.0 introduces wireless tablets to add new options for system setup and ease of deployment. Wireless tablets create easier set-up and tear-down, increasing system mobility while improving the visual profile of the entryway. They also add new options for the physical configuration of systems, with easy ways to pair additional tablets when needed as visitor flow rates increase. Plus, an updated user experience on wired and wireless tablets for Evolv Express 3.0 modernizes the look-and-feel of the interface.  

Advancing Security with Each New Release 

In addition to continual improvements to threat detection, new integrations with adjacent security technologies, and an enhanced user experience, Evolv Express includes access to the web-based MyEvolv portal and Evolv Insights™ analytics. Insights automatically collects and surfaces metrics related to visitor arrival curves and alarm rates by location, date, and time all in one unified dashboard. By leveraging analytics to improve planning—along with new advancements in threat detection, integrated communications, and usability in Evolv Express 3.0— venues can transform the way they protect visitors from potential security threats.

Jill Newberg
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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