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The New Standard: Safety in Motion

What if we lived in a world where we could work, learn and play together without the fear of weapons violence? This is what our founders Mike Ellenbogen, Co-Founder and Head of Technology, and Anil Chitkara, Co-Founder and Head of Corporate Development have set out to do. All of us at Evolv Technology share that same mission; transform security to enhance everyone’s life. This is our duty-of-care and we hold ourselves accountable to it. 

As of today, six months into 2021, there have been 319 mass shootings, compared to 417 in all of 2019 (according to The old standards for security aren’t keeping up with the security requirements of today. Many institutions that have used metal detectors for security realize they can no longer keep large numbers of people queuing in security lines. Aside from the potential health hazard lines create, this opens up an additional security vulnerability. Venues and enterprises that have never used security screening are now budgeting to keep their visitors safe. Traditional metal detector technology just cannot address the pace of life and the ubiquitous need for security in our daily lives.

We need new standards. We need security that continually improves - touchless, free-flowing, and frictionless technology - supported by a strong concept of operations and enforced by well-trained security personnel. The days of bag checks, wands, and body checks are unacceptable and biased. We must find the weapons, not the metal. Advanced sensors and artificial intelligence are at the forefront of this evolution. This is where we come in.

We are obsessed with our customers’ success and strive to do better and be better for them. That requires authenticity and real products that work. At Evolv we do what we say and say what we do. There is no room for bravado. 

Evolv innovations are fueling the physical security transformation, disrupting the status quo. Evolv Express®, powered by Evolv Cortex AI™, can distinguish between metals that are personal items from weapons used for harm. No longer do visitors, fans, employees, and students need to stand in long lines to slog through metal detectors. They can move at the pace of life through our weapons detection systems, eliminating the potential soft targets long lines create to seamlessly flow through security. Life shouldn’t feel like airport security.

New standards call for a new brand. We’re calling it Safety in Motion. The modernized look is representative of our technological innovations in security screening, using cutting-edge technology for today’s security needs. Moreover, we wanted our new brand to reflect our mission: Transform security to enhance everyone’s life. We think it does, we hope you do too.

Dana Loof Headshot
Dana Loof
Chief Marketing Officer

Dana Loof is a member of the Evolv Technology Executive Leadership Team where she serves as Chief Marketing Officer. Dana brings over twenty years of experience as a marketing executive in the technology industry, having led and developed brands such as Palo Alto Networks, EVault, Oracle, and Veritas Software. Her marketing expertise ranges from demand generation, global market strategy, product and field marketing, and customer support. She has successfully led multiple startups to successful market exits in various fields, all within the technology sector. Dana holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business and Marketing from San Francisco State University’s Lam Family College of Business.

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