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Manchester City’s new Touchless Security Screening

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Nathan Bailey
Sales Director, EMEA
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Feb 27, 2021

Supporters will Benefit from an Improved Matchday Experience at the Etihad Stadium

Welcoming thousands of supporters into sports stadia in a time-efficient manner has always been a priority for clubs around the world.

With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic ensuring that the highest standards of public health and safety are maintained, alongside an efficient and smooth operation, has never been more important.

New Technology

In June of 2019, Manchester City FC entered into discussions with Evolv about the company’s Evolv Express® system, which provides security screening using touchless technology.

The club witnessed firsthand the free-flow nature of the touchless system the company provides, benefiting from the ability to screen thousands of supporters in a timeframe that would not have been achievable before.

Following the onset of the Coronavirus, the world of sports shut down and the once vibrant matchday which saw thousands of supporters enjoying live sport fell silent.

Over the summer months, the English Premier League began ‘Project Restart’ to bring the sport back in a ‘Behind Closed Doors’ format. Whilst this meant that Manchester City supporters were unable to attend matches, the wider club operation sprang back into action with new guidelines in place to protect everyone on site at the Etihad Stadium, which included social distancing.

Evolv Express was piloted for the remainder of the season’s matches and was used to ensure that everyone who entered the stadium was able to do so in a manner which prioritised health and safety, as well as ensuring they benefited from an efficient experience with minimal queuing times.

When the Etihad Stadium is permitted to reopen its doors to supporters again, Evolv Express will remain in place so that supporters can be welcomed back with fast, touchless and respectful screening, providing them with an enhanced matchday experience.

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Nathan Bailey
Sales Director, EMEA
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