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I’m a CFO with decades of experience scaling complex, global financial teams. Here’s why I joined Evolv.

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Mario Ramos
Chief Financial Officer
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Nov 4, 2021

I have spent my career helping companies grow their business from a financial perspective, and for the last decade I have built world-class finance teams, scaled complex business operations, and executed strategic transactions. And today, I could not be more excited to be joining Evolv Technology as Chief Financial Officer.  

As a lifelong sports fan (go Patriots!) and a former U.S. Olympic Development & NCAA Division I soccer player, I’m also very aware of the significant role that live sports and public spaces play in our culture. For my entire adult life, I’ve had to empty my pockets or open my bag more times than I can count to get in to watch some of my favorite sporting events.  

Even more frustrating, sometimes these long and cumbersome lines would cause me and my family to miss the beginning of the game or create anxiety as we waited to enter – far from the ideal experience you want as you are about to start enjoying a game. 

I also serve on the board of directors of Project GOAL, an organization that uses the power of soccer to help youth in underprivileged communities achieve economic success. Having a front row seat to witness the way that sports can have a positive impact on youth and enable them to succeed in the world has been one of the highlights of my career. 

That is what was so attractive to me about the opportunity to join Evolv. Not only is the company doing well by being at the forefront of solving a problem that has affected the experience at one of my favorite pastimes (professional sports), but they are also doing good by helping to make everywhere a safer place to work, learn, and play. 

The company’s GiveEvolv initiative was also a compelling reason for me to join the company. Just as I have done with my work at Project GOAL, I look forward to helping the company ensure that all students – no matter where they go to school – can be safe from gun violence.  

With more venues, workplaces, and schools recognizing the duty they have to keep their patrons, employees, and students safe from violence, there could not be a more exciting time to join and help scale the business to make this technology accessible to everyone. The company has set a new and higher standard for what security screening should be, and I could not be more excited to roll up my sleeves and help to deliver on our mission to democratize security.

Mario Ramos
Chief Financial Officer

With nearly 20 years of finance and operations experience, Mario has spent his career helping companies optimize financial performance while growing and scaling their businesses. Mario joined Evolv from Edelman Financial Engines from CVS Caremark, where he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Before becoming CFO, Mario was head of CVS’s M&A and Corporate Development group where he led CVS’s acquisition and integration of Aetna. He has also served as Chief Operating Officer of CVS International and spent over 17 years in investment banking at JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers and a subsidiary of The Blackstone Group. Mario earned an MBA from The Mason School of Business at The College of William & Mary and a bachelor’s degree from The University of Richmond.

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