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Oak Hill High School Security Screening

Safer Zones

Our customers are security experts charged with providing safer places for their students, educators, employees, fans, patrons, healthcare staff and worshippers. We share that mission, keeping hundreds of guns from entering their venues daily.

More than 1,000 Safer Entrances

Post Covid, we know that gathering together safely is essential for our well-being. Our customers are creating Safer Zones secured by Evolv provides the peace of mind we need to go about our daily lives.

More than 600+ Million People Screened

Second only to the TSA, Evolv has screened over 600+ million people across the world, allowing people to walk through security at the pace of life. Eliminating soft targets caused by long security queues.

Nearly 600 Customers Trust Evolv to Create Safer Zones

In this video, Peter George, Evolv's CEO, discusses the trends we've been seeing and highlights some of our recent customer wins.