Experience Evolv

Meet Evolv Express®, the new standard for today’s world, and the first AI-enabled touchless security screening solution that spots weapons while ignoring harmless personal items as visitors walk through at a natural pace.

Free-flow and Touchless

See what the next generation of security screening technology looks like. No stopping. No pat-downs. No bag checks.

Smart, Not Dumb

See how the Evolv Express system’s AI differentiates between commonly carried, everyday items and a variety of threat objects.

Simple, Yet Sophisticated

A future-proof system with an inviting design and powerful performance versus an outdated metal detector.

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Demands on security professionals are increasingly complex. 

Your strategy needs to address public health and public safety. Yesterday’s tools – hand wands and metal detectors – are invasive, unreliable and create lines and congestion that are no longer acceptable. Simply put, they were not designed to address today’s threats or meet today’s expectations. Meet Evolv Express®, the new standard for today’s world. Seeing is believing. Join one of our Experience Evolv events near you for an in-person experience and learn how to accelerate your security screening by 10x and reduce labor costs by up to 70%.